TFS Build Might be Getting Better

First, I’m wrong quite a bit. It’s okay with me… you live and learn. Right now I’m thinking this might be another one of those times. A short while back I tore into Microsoft TFS, especially the Build Automation side of it. I’d been struggling with it off and on for months, and I just had to vent.

Fast forward to last week and I came across this video on Vimeo from NDC Oslo 2014. In it Roy Osherove discusses simplifying certain stages of the build process, and centralizing the management of those scripts to be included within your project code, rather than out on your build/continuous integration server.

Then I was looking into something else just the other day, and I should probably remember what that was, but I don’t… but, I came across a post about changes to TFS in 2013. It has me thinking that maybe, just maybe, this TFS Build product might not be quite as evil as I made it out to be. Hopefully we will be upgrading to TFS 2013 soon and I’ll be able to get some hands on experience with these changes. In the meantime I’m encouraged by the content of this post, and hopeful that things are really getting better.

That doesn’t mean I will ever be a fan of these XAML templates. If I don’t ever have to touch them though, and can simply consume and logically extend them, without having to write any XAML, I’ll be content with my blissful ignorance.

And oh yeah, TFS 2013 supports Git as well.