Reflection: Consumerism and Commitment

I’m going to try and do this weekly. I make no promises though!


I bought a house recently, which I’m pretty happy about, but then I read an article like Living With Less and I wonder if I didn’t overdo it a bit. It is especially hard to justify the size of my living space when you look at what is possible. You have to admit, that is one neat looking little apartment.

There are times when I really do try and live a more minimalistic lifestyle, but it never really seems to stick. I find myself eating out for lunch every day, driving a nice car, buying a pretty big house, drinking at the bar instead of enjoying a few drinks at home with friends, and the list goes on.


It is far too easy to get distracted throughout the course of the day, be it intentional or not. I’m as guilty of procrastinating as the next person (In fact, I’m putting off doing laundry right now). At home we are generally only letting ourselves down when we fail to get something done, but that isn’t the case at work. Since this doesn’t come naturally to us (I read an article somewhere and I’d like to link to it here) I’m always looking for inspirational reads and slick tools to make it fun and exciting.

As a programmer one of the most inspirational things I’ve read is something I’ve linked to here before, The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers, so much so that I read the book again just a few weeks ago.

Finding inspiration isn’t enough though, we need to follow through on things to meet our commitments. To that end I have a few tools that I use.

And speaking of commitment, what sort of precedent is Google setting by killing Google Reader? Next to gmail and search this has been my favorite product offering from Google, and now its going away. Well, I went out looking for some good alternatives and ended up finding feedly, and its pretty slick. So if you find yourself looking for a replacement for Google Reader, you could do much worse, this tool even imports your subscriptions and favorites for you.

That’s It

That’s what has been weighing on my mind lately. Like I said, there will hopefully be more posts like this one in the future. I’m adding it to my calendar right after I commit this one.