What's Up With Massive?

For starters I really like Rob Conery and find the posts he puts out to be some of the most informative of any blogs I subscribe to. I had tried looking at Massive several months ago back when he first started blogging about it, but I was having some problems falling in love with it. If you aren’t familiar with it you can find out more here. Now looking back I didn’t really love it because at the time I didn’t understand it. To me it looked like we were tightly coupling the data-access code with the business object, which for me has always been a no-no (ala seperation of concerns). But, apparently after playing around with it for just a short period of time, that is not the case at all.

This post will hopefully evolve as I experiment with it some more, but for now I’ve published the code out to a GitHub repo. It is bare bones at the moment, just some work with some “products”. This is an MVC 3 application that I’m using, and I also sprinkled some Bootstrap from Twitter on top. I haven’t ever done anything with Bootstrap, so that will be another learning experience as I go. Though I will say at the moment I suspect it will take some work to get it and jquery playing nicely together. I added some validation to the create form and I already am not happy with what I see (so hopefully I’ll get that worked out as well).